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Transferring REM/Design Licenses

We can work with you to move REM/Design licenses between computers when needed. What is needed from you are the following 3 things:
1)   Identifying info so we can look up your license. The REM UserID is ideal; otherwise the company name or contact person under which the license was purchased.
2)   Site Code for the computer from which the license is being removed. The Site Code can be obtained from the Registration screen (always available under the Tools menu by selecting Web Services-->Register REM). (If the computer dies and you don't have that information available, we can deduce which computer died in a multi-seat license by knowing the Site Codes for all the computers that are still using licenses.)
3)   Uninstall REM/Design from the computer from which the license is being moved. (Again, if the computer is dead, we can work around this.)
Before you do the uninstall and send us the Site Code for the computer from which REM/Design is being retired, you may wish to install the program on the new computer, leaving it to work in Trial mode until the registration is freed up. In Trial mode you can do everything except print.
Once we know the right Site Code, we can free up that seat so it can be used by another computer. We will then send you an email to let you know you can now register REM/Design on the new machine.

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  • 02-Jun-2014