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RESNET Registry upload instructions

As you know, RESNET has developed a national database where all rated 
homes will exist.  REM/Rate is now poised with the capability to 
upload building files to the RESNET Registry.  RESNET will provide 
Registry ID and Passwords to Providers to allow them to upload their 
building files.  If these values are not entered into the REM/Rate 
Registry upload box, then no building files can be uploaded.  If you do not have a Registry ID and Password – you can contact us and we can forward your information to RESNET.

Beginning in June of 2012, RESNET has ruled that no official HERS reports can be printed in REM/Rate until the building files have been uploaded and have received a RESNET Registry ID number directly from the Registry database.  Each REM/Rate building file will have a unique Registry ID number that cannot be manually entered or changed.  A "Preliminary" watermark will be on the HERS reports if no Registry ID number is with the building file.  So HERS reports can still be printed with a watermark, just not final/official reports.

Some of the rules of uploading are below:

1.  Only RESNET Providers can upload – not raters!

2.  Providers will receive a Registry ID and Password from RESNET

3.  HERS Reports are Preliminary until uploaded and the building file 
receives a Registry ID number. (Beginning in June of 2012)

4.  Only three Rating Types can be uploaded – Sampled, Projected Worst 
Case, or Confirmed (Confirmed Rating will upload as well)

5.  If "Confirmed" or "Sampled" Rating Type is uploaded - the building 
file(s) require the Provider ID number, Rater ID number, Sample Set ID number (0000 is default), and the correct rating date.

6.  If "Projected Worst Case" Rating Type is used – the building 
file(s) require the Confirmed Rating info listed above plus the Property City, Builder Name, Builder Plan/Model Name, and Builder Community/Development 

7.  The upload report shows if the building file upload to the RESNET 
Registry was successful or why if it was unsuccessful.  This report shows up in the report viewer box after upload is complete.

The uploading is under the Tools -> RESNET Building Registry.  The 
upload box will require a Registry ID and Password given by RESNET to 
allow upload access to the Registry.  AEC does not give out these 
codes.  REM/Rate building files can be uploaded individually or in 

The process for uploading is:

1.  The building(s) are saved with the appropriate property/builder/ 
rating information, provider and rater IDs, rating 
     date, registry ID and password. 
2.  Building is sent to Provider as always. 
3.  Open the Upload Box:  Tools->RESNET Building Registry.  Enter 
Provider Registry ID and Password. 
4.  Select if you are uploading the opened building file (must be 
saved first) or add building files for batch upload. 
5.  The next step is important.  There are two options once the 
building file is uploaded and the RESNET Registry ID is saved to the building file.  The file can be overwritten and saved or it can be saved to a new location of your choosing.  This is critical if you are uploading an older version building file.  If you just overwrite the building file, then it is saved in the version of REM/Rate you are uploading 
in.  If you save to another location, then the original file can remain as an older version.  However, only the saved version with the RESNET Registry ID will be allowed to print the clean HERC reports.  So you must determine if you will overwrite the building file(s) or what location the saved files will be.  This is similar to batch modifications. 
6.  Hit the Upload button 
7.  Upload report will show if building file(s) were successful or why 
they were unsuccessful. 
8.  Now that your building file(s) have the RESNET Registry ID - all 
HERC reports can be printed without any 

The process is rather quick and easy even though the steps I have laid 
out may seem complicated.  Once you see the screen - it should all 
make clear sense.  We have provided links to the bottom of the Upload 
Registry box to assist with information on the Registry or uploading.

This system does present some issues.  Since REM/Rate v12.98 is the 
first version to have the upload capability and the required variables 
to upload - older building files will be required to be saved in the 
REM/Rate v12.98.  This means if you have an older building file, the 
HERS Index and ENERGY STAR certifications may change based on changes 
from the version the building was last saved in.  We have not worked 
out a good solution for this problem, so my suggestion is to upload 
only current building files until we can determine a good solution to 
uploading older building files.

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  • 02-Jun-2014