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Clothes Washers in REM v12.97


There have been more questions than I can answer about the new clothes 
washer inputs in REM/Rate.  The question is - why does the clothes 
washer kWh/yr increase when I lower the LER (kWh/yr).  The answer is 
fairly complex, but I am hoping to answer it here and help you better 

Basically the equation was designed so that all inputs worked in 
tandem to calculate the consumption.  Simply lowering the LER will 
only result in an increase in kWh.  To show lower consumption, all 
specifications in the clothes washer input must be entered from the 
Energy Guide Label.

I am first going to give you some values to use based on the 
efficiency of the clothes washer.  Maybe these will help with the 
inputs to use.

HERS Default Values - these are the values used in REM as baseline 
LER - 704 
Ann Gas Cost - 23.0 
$/kWh - 0.0803 
$/Therm - 0.58 
Capacity - 2.874

2008 ENERGY STAR values 
LER - 487 
Ann Gas Cost - 23.0 
$/kWh - 0.0803 
$/Therm - 0.688 
Capacity - 3.2

ENERGY STAR minimum values 
LER - 281 
Ann Gas Cost - 14 
$/kWh - 0.086 
$/Therm - 0.91 
Capacity - 3.5

ENERGY STAR average value 
LER - 151 
Ann Gas Cost - 12 
$/kWh - 0.1065 
$/Therm - 1.218 
Capacity - 3.31

We plan to add a list box in the L&A screen for clothes washers so a 
user can select the efficiency level of the clothes washer and the 
values will be filled in automatically.  Then if the Energy Guide 
Labels exist for the installed clothes washer - all values should be 
on the label.

I hope this helps the confusion a bit.